CSI Chapter 065 | Spokane, Washington



CSI - It's More than meets the SPECtacle!

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is an interdisciplinary organization of architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, facility managers, and manufactures who are dedicated to the Advancement of Construction Technology.  CSI Provides a unique networking opportunity to join faculty, students, and schools of higher education with experienced people throughout all aspects of the design and construction industry.

CSI got its beginning with the development of a master list of numbers and titles for organizing information about construction requirements, products and activities into a standard sequence, known as MasterFormat.  This document was published and endorsed by several professional organizations, including the AIA.  Since then CSI has evolved to offer several products to assist the construction industry in meeting future challenges.  CSI has grown with the industry through the fast-paced changes to provide its members with leading-edge information, products and services.

CSI has always had a keen focus on education.  The earliest educational efforts were to create forums for sharing knowledge.  In 1949 when the first issue of The Construction Specifier magazine was published, the institute launched the "Specification Clinic" - a series of specification articles for review by peers.  In the late 1950s the Institute published technical reports urging colleges to adopt courses in construction specifications and began promoting continuing education and emphasized the need for specifications writing as a required course in architecture, engineering and technical schools.

Education is imperative to this industry if we have any intention of being competitive in the future.  One of the strengths of CSI is the opportunity to access educational information, and quickly and effectively learn leadership and professional skills that apply to their business today and tomorrow.

The Spokane Chapter of CSI was chartered in March of 1964.  Since then it has maintained a membership of 50-60 local member.  For more information, contact our membership chair Heather Meyer.